Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns

It may surprise you to learn that each year, thousands of taxpayers neglect to file their taxes. This happens for a variety of reasons:

  1. Health problems
  2. Personal problems
  3. Missing or lost records
  4. Simple neglect


Regardless of the reason, eventually the IRS will catch up with you and discover that you did not file a return. At this point, you will have several options available. If you had a really good reason such as a serious health problem, then you can probably negotiate with the IRS to reduce penalties and interest. They will want you to go ahead and file your missing return(s) as quickly as possible.

If you need to go back to employers or others to get the right records, then ask a friend or family member to help. This can be stressful but it is important to take care of your taxes in a timely manner. If your current circumstances prevent you from being able to do so, then consider hiring a specialist from The Tax Resolvers.

Our firm can help you organize records, get the tax return filed correctly or advise you on programs to lower the amount you owe. We focus on helping people who are in arrears on their taxes to get things straightened out promptly. We understand the importance of a quick response. We work with you until the matter is settled. Please contact us to learn more. Get The Tax Resolvers in your corner for speedy results.


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